Philippi Margeaux Vase

Margeaux Vase

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With the charm of the Margeaux Vase, a masterpiece that reclassifies a Sense of style and masterfulness. This flawless vase isn't only a piece; a show-stopper easily catches the essence of flowing silk captured in a still image of fluid motion.

From the get-go, what separates the Margeaux Vase is its striking asymmetry. The walls of this vase flow like delicate, uneven waves, a demonstration of the gifted hands that shape everyone. Hand-tailored with accuracy, each Margeaux Vase is a remarkable creation, asking to be at the center of your home.

The vase includes a wide opening that effortlessly tightens to a smaller base, giving a steady groundwork to your decorative designs. Its surface, sparkly and cleaned, mirrors light in an entrancing dance, adding a bit of refinement to any room it graces.

Yet, the genuine enchantment of the Margeaux Vase lies in its capacity to exhibit your flower bundles. Whether it's an energetic collection of wildflowers or a solitary, wonderful rose, this vase approaches your blossoms with a downplayed class that makes them the focal point of consideration.

Bring the universe of creativity into your home with the Margeaux Vase. Allow it to be the material for your flower manifestations. Lift your style higher than ever with the Margeaux Vase today.

Ø 30 x 20 (h) cm