ALPHA Garden Torch

ALPHA Garden Torch

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Presenting the Alpha Garden Torch, a signal of complexity in outside lighting. Made from brushed stainless steel, these torches rethink garden brightening, consistently consolidating structure and capability. At, we are glad to introduce the Alpha Garden Torch, an up-to-date and practical expansion to raise your open-air stylistic layout and create a captivating climate in your garden.


The Alpha Garden Torch is a showing of the undying class. Its thin and smooth diagram adds a smidgen of class to any external space, whether it's a comfortable patio gathering or a marvelous garden party. The brushed stainless-steel surface emits a modern allure and ensures stability in various weather conditions. These torches are intended to endure over the long haul, becoming a loved piece of your outside style into the indefinite future.


Given the simple establishment, the Alpha Garden Torch has poles that make setting them up a breeze. Secure them in your garden, along pathways, or around your outside seating regions, and watch as they change your open-air space into an enamoring sanctuary. Stacked with kerosene oil, these torches give a warm and welcoming gleam to your night.

Order now and let these torches be the directing light in changing your outside space into a shelter of excellence and tranquillity. Enlighten your evenings with style - pick the Alpha Garden Torch today.

  • elegant brushed stainless steel torch is filled with kerosene oil and provides impressive garden light
  • Filling quantity approx. 240 ml for approx. 3-4h burning time
  • Torch can be easily extinguished again with the safety cap